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Legal notices

Thank you for visiting joint hella website (hereinafter referred to as "site"). In the use of this website, please read carefully before the following terms of use, this terms of use contains you as the user's rights and obligations, and other important content. Please pay attention to access and/or use the (such as copy any information, registered as a user, etc.) that said you to accept this terms of use. If it does not accept the terms of use, please stop using this site immediately and delete, destroy all contain photocopies of the content in this site.


1, "joint hella products" : it is to point to by joint hella electronic Co., LTD, the production, the sales marked "joint hella", "HHZ" trademark signs products.

2, "service" : Any offer for any functions, facilities, applications, information or other services.

3,"You" or "User": means any access to or use of this site, regardless of whether they are registered users of the site or the site for a service

4,"To provide users with information": refers to the user in accordance with the instructions of the joint Hella uploaded to the site of the pictures, audio and video information, data, personal information, opinions, comments, files, documents, and other information

5,"Site": is the site refers to the management by the HHZ operators, express or references, and requires the user to comply with these Terms of Use

6,Site content: this site contains any data, charts, pictures, design and description of the contents of the documents, audio and video works, software, tools, links, user site subscription information

Provide users with information

1 Users to ensure that:

1.1 Users to ensure they provide the information is correct, true, legal integrity of, there is no false, fraudulent, harassing the slander others of harmful, defamatory, insulting, intimidation, vulgar and obscene and other violation of law, public order and morals or social ethicsinformation or the content of morality, does not harm the network or computer system security, integrity, stability, continuity of viruses, Trojans and other computer software, documentation or other data

1.2 User to provide information on the user to have complete, independent rights to ensure that the HHZ user information will not infringe any third party's copyright or other legal rights in accordance with the provisions of the second .4, and will not violate the user with anytripartite agreement

2 If the user provided information on the case of violation of Article II.1, or HHZ reason to believe that the above circumstances, the HHZ has the right to deny users to use the services of this site. For the user so can not get information from this site or other services,HHZ assumes any liability

3 Provide users with the information involved in the users personally identifiable information, HHZ will be protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the HHZ Privacy Policy

4 HHZ commitment to respect and protect the privacy of the user (user personal identification information), the HHZ  will try to protect the users personally identifiable information provided by the user on the site to the United Hella, HHZ will not the user information for saleor rental to a third party (with the following exceptions: a) based on a legal case (the case or not against the law); b) for the purpose of protection of life, to prevent personal injury or protection of property need to usebut also difficult to obtain customer consent; c) The need for the improvement of public health conditions or the purpose of the healthy growth of children, at the same time difficult to obtain the consent of the customer; d) The need for national government agencies, localgovernmental organizations or commissioned units of the above units to carry out statutory work with and obtain customer consent may obstruct work; e) within the scope necessary for the purpose, entrusted with the handling of personal information of the case; f) in the case of the occurrence of business events (eg mergers) to provide personal information in order to continue business activities. The Hongfa worldwide) also agreed to grant the user has a free, irrevocable, permanent use, copy, modify, disseminate and display information except personally identifiable information provided by the user (that part will be deemed non-confidential and the non-exclusive, HHZ  will not undertake any obligation to) right and license.

Site Rules

1 Under the premise of the user to comply with these Terms of Use, the HHZ granted to users on the site, limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, non-commercial personal use only the right to use. In any case, site content and services (including but not limited to the user to obtain the user name and other identifying information) only permit the user's personal use and may not be sold or transferred. HHZ reserves the Terms of Use All rights not specifically granted. Ownership of the site is a HHZ  reserves the right at any time in any way limit or terminate http / / www.hhz-china.com use

2 Use of the Site, the user must follow the following principles:

2.1 Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, rules, etc.

2.2 Abide by the Terms of Use and all related agreements, regulations and procedures, but also must follow the procedures and practices related to the Internet

2.3 Shall not be violated HHZ or any other third-party patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights, defamation or any other legitimate rights and interests, or engaged in damage to the behavior of macro benefit or adversely affect Hongfa

Other declarations

1 Applicable laws of the People's Republic of China due to disputes of this statement or the use of the Site

2 A result of this statement or the use of dispute should be resolved through consultation, the consultation fails, by the Xiamen City People's Court proceedings

3 Interpretation and use of this website the power of interpretation of this announcement due to the HHZ