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We offer product catalogues for power relays, automotive relays and hermetically-sealed relays. The power relay catalogue contains information for signal relay, power relay and latching relay; the automotive relay catalogue contains information for automotive relays and combined automotive modules.
Guidelines Of Signal, Power & Latching Relay
This article states the basic information about electromagnetic relays, and also lists methods of selecting them and the do’s and don’ts in application.
Generally the parameters in the handbook are the initial values measured under the following condition, unless otherwise stated.
1) temperature: 15℃ to 35℃
2) relative humidity: 25% to 75%
3) air pressure: 86kPa to 106kPa

Guidelines Of Automotive Relay & Module
Automotive relay is widely applied to several controlling systems of automobile, such as the starter control, the warm-up device, the air conditioner, the lamp, the windshield wiper, the electrical sprayer, the fuel pump, the anti-theft system, the audio system, the communication device, the navigation system, the electrical fan, the powered door & window, the security airbag, the anti-lock braking system, the suspension control, the electrical meter and the failure-diagnosing system. Just next to the transducer, the automotive relay is the second most widely-used electric component for automobiles.

Guidelines Of Hermetically Sealed Relay
Hermetically-sealed relay is a special kind of controlling component, which is widely used in remote control, remote measuring, telecommunication, automatic control, integration of machinery and electrification, electric and electronic equipments.